British Airways’ cabin crew – true or false?

If the Telegraph is to be believed “Disaffected British Airways cabin crew have resorted to pouring vintage wine down the sink on planes and throwing away unused washbags in protest at what they claim is the airline’s ‘disregard’ for their working agreements.”

This sounds strange. I always understood that any wine remaining in opened bottles had to be poured down the sink because open bottles could not be saved and re-used on the next flight for several reasons including issues of international customs. I, for one, have had the good fortune of sitting next to someone who’s been offered the remains of a fine bottle because “it would otherwise go to waste”. So either passengers – or sinks – which have been beneficiaries of the remains of bottles for a long time are seeing a standard working procedure being relaunched as a method of protest or some of us have been misinformed.

Because, however, it is likely that we’ve been misinformed and the Telegraph is right, you might ask “what is going on?” To all of the rest of us – even investment bankers – who have had to adjust our lives to the new economic realities, such antics, if they are the case, look an anachronism. No one wants anyone to have to lose their job or work more for the same money, but to swim against a current looks like a puerile tactic.

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