Air France: the more you weigh, the more you pay

It was only a matter of time. Air France-KLM have now made it official. Passengers who cannot fit into one seat will be charged for two seats. The actual cost, however, will not be quite double as taxes and surcharges will apply only to the first seat. The carrier adds that the fee is refundable on flights that are not fully booked. “By paying for both, the overweight passenger will be assured that two seats will be available next to each other,” it said.

The new pricing applies to any bookings from 1 February (the beginning of next month) for all flights from 1 April.

I suppose that it is only logical. My tall sons are not automatically allocated the seats with extra leg room. If they want to sit in an exit row seat or to fly in a premium cabin, they pay extra.

So the more you weigh, the more you pay. You pay for the excess baggage you carry and now you will, errr, pay for the excess baggage you carry. The fuel needed to propel the aircraft to its final destination is calculated on weight, so the larger you are, the more you cost the airline.

Many years ago John and I were booked to fly from Gatwick to JFK. I can’ remember if we were asked if we had packed the bags ourselves, but I do remember that we were asked how much we weighed.

I’ve often wondered if that was why it took that flight two days (another story) to land at its final destination.

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