Resting labour

The travel industry has experienced its fair share of restructuring since the economic downturn. Many colleagues have lost their jobs. So it is indeed heartening to see that InterContinental Hotels is doing its best to employ resting members of the travel fraternity by employing them to, err, rest.

Holiday Inn is apparently making use of “human bed warmers” to warm up guests’ beds before they (the guests, that is) climb in. The bed warmers have special foot-to-toe sleep suits and do their stuff for five minutes. The idea behind this is that warm beds help a guest not only get to sleep but have a good night’s sleep.

The gimmick – oops, concept – will be tested out in Holiday Inns in London and Manchester, according to the Telegraph.

As much as I, like everyone else ever associated with the travel industry, wants to see as much employment as possible, we all too want to see financially viable, robust businesses. Wouldn’t hot water bottles achieve the same effect for less cost?

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